Posted 12-2-17
Hands down, Kai Lenny just knifed the biggest and best barrel ever ridden at Nelscott Reef. Check out this beauty behind the peak and the threads it deep and thru the channel. The full feature, dropping soon.
“Every once in a while, in every sport, there comes an individual whom, for lack of a better term, is called a Natural. Not only is this person gifted with the physical and mental skills necessary to excel in the particular sport but often, he possesses an unmeasurable and undefinable something else. This combination allows him to progress and advance his expertise at an astonishing pace and, at the same time, to make it appear easy and effortless. Whether or not they are aficionados of that sport, fans are drawn in simply in admiration of the style and grace in contrast to the other athletes at play. In the case of Kai Lenny, one has to wonder which sport it is that is his…because whether it’s surfing, windsurfing, SUP surfing or kiteboarding, Kai excels at all of them.”- Gerry Lopez


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