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If you have a surfing event of any caliber and or a TV/Film/Photo shoot production,
we are available for water patrol to ensure the safety of your crew and or competitors. We can also provide water transport of equipment and shuttle service. We can provide PWC drivers for your water production in all ocean and weather conditions. Eric is also available for private water safety for your paddle crew at most global locations. We will provide qualified, licensed, insured and highly experienced PWC drivers.

“Eric Akiskalian ‘AKA’ TOWSURFER, what a solid guy, always ready, always organized and forever CHARGING forward!!! I have known Eric of Towsurfer.com for over 15 years and I have traveled to many global big wave destinations with him as well. Over the years, he has demonstrated his dedication, expertise, time and passion to promoting our sport and keeping surfers safe with assisting in water safety and rescue. As of recent, I have personally had him work with me in Nazare, Portugal and Mavericks, CA for water safety, assist and rescue for our crew. I trust his abilities and level of experience with my life in any situation that he is willing to put himself in. He’s very calculated and confident, but he also knows that mistakes and bad situations will happen to the best. He’s mentally and physically prepared for the worst case scenarios. He’s a great friend with a big heart and very easy to work with. Let’s go!!!” Garrett McNamara / Current Guinness World Record Holder for Biggest Wave Surfed Nazare, Portugal / HI-USA

“I’ve known Eric Akiskalian for over a decade now and his dedication to Tow Surfing and PWC Water Safety is 2nd to none. I have used Eric and his services on many occasions chasing swells around the world. I trust him to come and get me when my life is on the line. I know he is constantly keeping his skills fine tuned and doing all the updated courses so he is on his game. Thank you, Eric for keeping me safe over the years and looking forward to many more sessions to come. Cheers!” – Jamie Mitchell / Professional Big Wave Surfer / AUS

“I’ve worked with Eric Akiskalian throughout the world, on a number occasions, and in very heavy water situations, both paddling and towing. His knowledge and experience on water safety and driving the ski puts him at the top with the best. He’s definitely one of the few I could rely on when the situation gets gnarly in and out of the water.” – Andrew ‘Cotty’ Cotton / Professional Big Wave Surfer / UK

“Eric Akiskalian is one of those guys that’s a team player, always looking out for other people before himself. Very experienced with water safety and especially when the shit hits the fan. I trust my life with him and we need more safety guys like him in the lineup. Eric always has good vibes, very positive energy and we kind of need that around when you’re dealing with giant days like the swells we’re chasing.” Will Skudin / Professional Big Wave Surfer / NY-USA 

“The more you can learn from trained professionals, the safer our oceans will be. It was great to have Eric Akiskalian in our training program and share his expertise and knowledge” Archie Kalepa /  Ocean and Safety Water Patrol / County Maui, HI

“I met Eric Akiskalian soon after I became interested in shooting big wave surfing nearly 10 years ago.  As a regular fixture in the water at Nelscott Reef, Eric tackles some of the biggest conditions the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Getting out to Nelscott Reef is a challenging affair and takes focus, skill, and knowledge.  Eric is one of the few people I trust to get me and my equipment out in The Zone quickly and safely.  In 2010, I was lucky enough to be able to capture his Biggest Wave of the Year nomination for the XXL Big Wave Awards.  In addition to Nelscott, I have been fortunate to have him drive me at some of the best big wave spots including Mavericks and Teahupo’o. It takes a team to take on big waves as well as document them. It is nice to know Eric is out there and on your team, especially when the swell and conditions are unpredictable.” – Richard Hallman / Freelance Imaging / Bend, OR

When I come to Oregon or California, it’s always good to know that Eric Akiskalian is available helping to coordinate safety and logistics for the swells. Eric is a dedicated waterman that has the global experience, passion, and dedication needed for success in big surf. He’s a good guy, with a great attitude and worth having in your corner on those special days of waves.” – Trevor Sven Carlson / Professional Big Wave Surfer / Oahu, HI

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