B.W.R.A.G. – Big Wave Risk Assessment Group Comes To Nazare, Portugal

B.W.R.A.G. Nazare, Portugal Group Shot / Photo: Tim Bonython

Posted November 13, 2017

By Eric Akiskalian

When we were told that Danilo Couto and Peter Conroy were coming to Nazare, Portugal to give a two-day big wave training course and safety summit with B.W.R.A.G. – Big Wave Risk Assessment Group it was just a matter of letting everyone here know when and where. Sure enough, we had over 40 global big wave surfers from all corners, men, and women, sharing their knowledge and being taught new ocean rescue and life-saving techniques.

Garrett McNamara opeing for the B.W.R.A.G.



High Surf Risk Management
Nazare , Spot Analysis
Past case Scenarios / Worst Case scenarios – Team Work
Coach: Danilo Couto

Danilo Couto Course Instructor

Emergency Medical Interventions / First Responding
Coach: Peter Conroy/ Paramedic

Peter Conroy and Danilo Couto w/ Quiksilver Inflatable Vest


Jet Ski Pickups/ Assist Rescue

Photo: Catarina Fagota
Photo: Catarina Fagota
Photo: Catarina Fagota

It was an amazing training course in that everyone that participated was here for a common goal to learn more, share knowledge and become more experienced in ocean rescue and saving lives. Our common goal is making sure we all come home safe at the end of the day to our families and friends. Essentially it all boils down to staying humble, teamwork, working together and all being on the same page with the latest CPR and life-saving rescue techniques.

Peter Conroy / Course Instructor

Thanks to everyone that participated in this course and shared their stories, past scenarios, experiences, and knowledge. Nazare is the heaviest beach break in the world when it comes to XXL surfing, tow-surfing, rescues, assists, and driving. This course has offered a greater insight into the future of our sport and how important it is to always be on the top of your game and to constantly be training with your partner and others.

Big Wave Brotherhood
“It was so great to see so many like-minded people wanting to learn how to save their friend’s lives. Learning these skills make them better surfers better people and will someday help them save a life. It was an amazing trip here and I will definitely be back someday soon to train and surf some of the biggest waves in the world” Peter Conroy B.W.R.A.G

“Nazare is the craziest spot to drive a ski and do rescues hands down. There is no channel here and the inside is relentless with waves coming at you from all sides. With that said, this course was great in helping us all to become greater assets in the water. Nobody here knows everything when it comes to safety and with everyone here, we were all able to work and train together as a group. Thanks to Danillo and Peter for taking the time to provide this two-day course and share their knowledge with everyone” Toby Cunningham, California

Sergio Cosme and Eric Akiskalian

“It was amazing because it has been a long time since I have done a training course and all working together as one big team and family. I remember when I took a course in Hawaii back in 2005, and it was amazing cuz I learned a lot from the Hawaiians. It was great to have Danilo and Peter bring to Nazare this course with a protocol that works for us all when in a group. I learned so much, I love the ocean and plus I love the big wave brotherhood. I stay here in Nazare to push our limits with surfing bombs and working on teamwork because it is important for us all. It is so awesome for me to have this opportunity to include my team of Sergio, Antonio and Joana in this course.” Rodrigo Koxa, Brazil / GO BIGGER KOXA BOMB 

Eric Rebiere

“I think the course was amazing because we were all working together as a family. You know sometimes when we are all out in the water we are just focusing on our own teams, but with this course, we were all working together. It was really really good to feel everyone working together. Then to have all the legends and new friends here sharing experiences and knowledge was the best for everyone. To learn things you did not know and share what you do know, was the best for me for sure.” Sergio Cosme, Portugal

CPR Training / Photo: Catarina Fagota

Special thanks to Garrett McNamara, Danilo Couto, Peter Conroy, and the city officials of Município da Nazaré for bringing this two-day course here to Nazare and sharing valuable life-saving techniques and information. We are all looking forward to tomorrow and getting into the water while performing life-saving scenarios that will benefit all involved participants. Here are view photos of today’s classroom course.

Rodrigo Koxa on what is being called one of the biggest or maybe even the biggest wave ever rode in Nazare, Portugal. Photo: Antonio Helio / 11-8-17

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