Logistic Services include but not limited to:

Our team will handle all of your immediate and long-term planning needs within the timeline and budget specified. Whether you’re needing logistical support for your project, move or an overseas adventure to a secluded part of the world. We are able to work and handle the finest details remotely and with a global reach.

Exporting and importing of good and products, container, cargo freight service, airline reservations, ground transportation, vehicles, helicopter, personal watercraft, snowmobile, snowcat, ski boat, private yacht, private jet, limo, RV, permits, licensing, insurance, shipping, packaging, communications, mobile and remote electronics, supplies, safety equipment, personnel, filming, drones, lodging, scheduling, accounting, accounts payable, photos, media release, social media platforms, meals, appointments, on location fixer(s), guide(s), assistants, and press conferences. (Purchase, rentals and for hire, equipment, and services)

There’s a lot you can say about Eric Akiskalian and they are all amazing things! Eric is a dedicated adventurer, a knowledgeable resource for anything and everything logistics and a true professional in the industry.We contracted Eric to provide logistical and coordinating support on our television production in Iceland in April 2016. After we agreed, Eric got right to work and made our production go as smoothly as possible in the most unforgiving conditions. Not only were we successful in our shoot, Eric’s attitude, and charisma kept morale high while he negotiated deals with international vendors to keep us on track and on a budget. If you are in need of a gifted and connected individual to handle logistics anywhere in the world, Eric is the man you should call.” -PJ Lungren, Director/ProducerThe Go Big Project / Red Chargers / Maverick Moments / LIFTOFF / Los Angeles, CA

“Eric Akiskalian ‘AKA’ TOWSURFER, what a solid guy, always ready, always organized and forever CHARGING forward!!! I have known Eric of for over 15 years and I have traveled to many global big wave destinations with him as well. Over the years, he has demonstrated his dedication, expertise, time and passion to promoting our sport and keeping surfers safe with assisting in water safety and rescue. As of recent, I have personally had him work with me in Nazare, Portugal and Mavericks, CA for water safety, assist and rescue for our crew. I trust his abilities and level of experience with my life in any situation that he is willing to put himself in. He’s very calculated and confident, but he also knows that mistakes and bad situations will happen to the best. He’s mentally and physically prepared for the worst case scenarios. He’s a great friend with a big heart and very easy to work with. Let’s go!!!” Garrett McNamara / Current Guinness World Record Holder for Biggest Wave Surfed Nazare, Portugal /HI-USA

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May 11, 2016 at 8:15pm

“Eric Akiskalian was our logistics coordinator for the shoot. Staying positive is the only way to make it through an unpredictable situation. Eric was always there to help, keeping our mobile headquarters in order, staying in contact with us the entire way up the mountain. It felt like he was there on the mountain with us, keeping search and rescue on the other line. Usually, you only notice things aren’t going well when they stop working. Eric was there to keep things from getting noticed.” – Alexey Orlov
Eric Akiskalian, Iceland Project 2016
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