WU Tow / Foil Pro Rope and Braided Deluxe Handle



Many of us are very particular about the tow rope we use including the length and the style of handle. This polypropylene foam-filled tow rope and handle is designed with Hydrofoil riders in mind. (In the past we had used our tow surfing ropes with the large size 2.5” diameter, however, it created a heavy rope and caused unnecessary and annoying slack.

For this reason, Waterman Unlimited created our custom Foil Tow Rope designed to work effectively with hydrofoils.  The highly visible fluorescent orange rope is split up into 4 adjustable sections.  The first section that attaches to the ski has a stiffening hose wrapped around it, keeping the rope at a distance and away from the Jet Ski with less chance of it getting stuck on the sled when making slow turns or getting caught under the impeller.  The next two sections of this hollow polypropylene Tow Rope are a closed cell 1.35” foam;  that supports a rope that is lightweight, floats very easily, and still can easily be used for short rope grabs. Total length is 30′.

The last handle section is a 5-foot multi-colored braided polypropylene.  A deluxe effective style of handle that as you’re slipping the rope through your hands is easy to tell when you’re getting close to the handle, it also makes it very easy for short rope grabs or for taking up that bit of slack in tight turns.

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