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Eric Akiskalian and his crew will bring you the latest and time-sensitive updates, interviews, news that matters, photos, and LIVE feeds from selected big wave locations around the world during the upcoming 2017 / 2018 Northern Hemisphere Season. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, they will be chasing monster swells and surfers from one location to the next with one goal in mind, to bring you the viewer the latest breaking information and freshest content available right here on Live From the Channel. 

All you need to do is scroll thru the LFTC FB feed below on this page to see all the freshest posts and live feeds that have been posted. Live feeds will begin in October in Nazare, Portugal where the biggest waves in the world will be ridden this season. From there, it is up to mother nature to make the call as to their next location.

South Reef / Photo: Matthew Marino

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