Posted 9-24-17

Live From The Channel / Eric Akiskalian

Photos: Abel.santos65

and Cover Photo: Andre.Botelho

Mother nature delivered beautiful conditions today with a 10’@15sec. swell that brought amazing waves and rides for Opening Day of the big wave season in Nazare, Portugal.

Known for its pristine conditions in Autumn, this swell did not let the hearty crew down as they charged the mini monsters of the canyon straight to the beach on occasion.

Landon McNamara on a couple bombs early on. Clip/Photo: @Polvo32

Watch Landon’s clip here

Garrett McNamara, Landon McNamara, Sebastian Steudtner, Alex Botelho, Trevor Carlson, Sergio Cosme and crew were on it all day sharing waves, sunshine, glassy conditions and a few heartfelt poundings on the beach break.

“It was really clean and really perfect all day but it was also very tricky driving on the inside. Pretty much all the skis ended up on the beach at one point or the other. A couple of solid 20’ers for sure and I rode my first paddle wave since my injury 1.5 years ago all the way to the beach. I am feeling really good, blessed!” – Garrett McNamara


Garrett McNamara / Photo: Andre Botelho

“Gorgeous, really gorgeous and glassy all day today but really heavy on the inside shore break. I did not get my paddle boards here in time so Garrett towed me into a few good ones. All in all, amazing day and  I swear this is not a surf trip, this is my honeymoon.” – Trevor Carlson

WSL Big Wave Awards Entries


Live From the Channel / Photo: Abel Santos

Photo: Andre Botelho
Photo: Andre Botelho
Photo: Andre Botelho

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