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I have an admission to make. Despite the fact that the equinox came and went six weeks ago, for the past month I have continued to check the north Pacific swell models multiple times per day.

Maybe it’s habit, or maybe I am just hoping for one last excuse to run to Micronesia. But whatever the reason, as of May 1, I have cut myself off. The fantasy is over, and the north Pacific model is no longer my home page. Winter is coming for those below the equator, south swell season is well and truly here, and it’s time for our focus to reflect that fact.

The thing is, the southern hemisphere is a pretty big place, so deciding where to go in the month of May isn’t as easy as simply setting your compass bearing to 180. As always, a lot of factors have to be taken into account. Swell consistency, wind and weather, crowds, and sand all play a part when it comes to choosing the zone with the best potential for scoring waves. But while there are a dozen regions that could light up this month, South America is the obvious call, for a number of reasons.

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