This Huge Great White Shark Got Stuck in 3 Feet of Water

June 11, 2017

“Holy fuck me runnin’!” So says the guy behind the camera in the video above when he came across a massive great white shark stuck in the shallows. It’s a sentiment that most people can understand. Dale Pearson, who runs a California winery called Pearson Brothers Winery, has been in and around the ocean for nearly 40 years. This, though, caught him off guard–as a huge massive white stuck in the shallows would do. And while it’s probably not the best idea to wade out to a distressed shark and see how close you can get (it’s actually a terrible idea), the video is incredible.

According to Dale, after the very unfortunate stingray hit at the end of the video (shuffle, man, shuffle!), the shark managed to find its way to deeper water, where it was seen swimming around for a few days after.

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