Puerto Escondido Challenge Called ON for Monday

Posted July 29, 2017

The Inertia

The WSL Big Wave Tour is about to kick off its 2017/2018 campaign. With more than one building swell moving through the Pacific, the Puerto Escondido challenge has been called ON for a possible Sunday or Monday run that would mark the first event of the new tour season.

“This swell we are tracking is from a very good direction for Puerto that should make for some amazing tube rides,” said BWT Commissioner Mike Parsons. “Based on the forecasts, we will keep both Sunday and Monday open as an option to run.”

“What’s unique about Puerto is how much power the wave has and how hollow it breaks. Unlike Pipeline or Teahupo’o, Puerto breaks on a very shallow sand bar that makes for some of the steepest drops of any wave in the world.”

As for specifics on the forecast and the open-ended Sunday/Monday call, it seems as if attention to swell direction is trumping overall size. On Sunday morning, sets are expected to max out around 25′ with a downward trend through the day. When size potentially picks back up in the afternoon and into Monday, sets are forecast to max out between 25′ and 30′. The written forecast explains: While these aren’t giant swells by Puerto standards, they are from an ideal SSW direction, which will provide excellent shaped waves many makeable barrels.

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