Punta de Lobos, Chile Swell Report 

Monday / 5-15-17 / 5:15 P.M.

by Rafael Tapia

Sunset Punta de Lobos, Chile

Ending up, the first swell of this week. First day, Monday, ahh little bit smaller than predicted. I think it was quite big, but the sun was not quite there, but this sunset is amazing. We all got a couple big waves. I got lucky with a really big one, but umm I thought it was going to be better. There was a little wind there, but umm, it’s Monday, and we have waves until Saturday. So, I’m going to be chasing these waves all the way North, all the way to the border of Peru, and hopefully, we’ll score. Aloha!



Ramon Navarro

“One of yesterday. ? @Fariasmoreno very good with our team. ? ?starting the season. Fun day to star the season whit to epic team.” -Ramon Navarro / @Patagoniasurf @redbullcl @sanuk @futuresfins @fcdsurfboards @cervezacorona @subaruchile

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