Chile Swell Report for May 16, 2017


Rafael Tapia


Swell Report/Day no. 2

May 16, 2017 / Tuesday / 4:45 P.M.

by Rafael Tapia

We’re here, in a very special location of my country. Ah, I’ve been looking at this wave for many years, more then 15 years. And, I never thought it was that big, and today after a super good session of barrels, I just went check this outer reef that just the same as Nelscott Reef or Pico Alto. It’s amazing big wave. It was like, only like 12’-15’, maybe a couple 18er’s. But just me and my friends, and really sick waves, glasses, no current, like 6 hours in the water. So, it might be part of the ‘Oddesy End of The World, so we’re stoked. So now I am following the swell all the way to the north of Chile. So I am taking a plane tonight. Aloha! I don’t know how the waves were in the rest of Chile, but we fricken scored bra. hahaha