Mavericks Challenge: Anticipation High with Yellow Alert

With some serious surf heading toward the West Coast early next week, Big Wave Tour commissioner Mike Parsons and the Surfline forecasting crew are keeping a sharp eye on the waves and weather expected up in Half Moon Bay, where there are high hopes of running the Mavericks Challenge.


As usual with Big Wave Tour events, making the call is one of the toughest decisions there is. The goal is to have a large swell timed with optimal conditions. While there’s solid swell approaching on Monday, the risk of unfavorable south winds is high, leading Parsons to determine that Monday is a no-go at this point.

“We’re still yellow for a possible run on Tuesday the 16th,” Parsons said. “Timing-wise we would be going green on 13th for a go day on Tuesday 16th, pending conditions.”

Surfine forecast from Kevin Wallace: Brief Overview: Latest model guidance shows increased S wind on Monday. Confidence also slowly increasing that Tuesday will offer a larger and more consistent swell. Wind doesn’t look perfect by any mean but looks manageable at this point with building NW flow 8-12kts over the afternoon (S wind possible early morning). Neither day look like slam dunks and both have risks/uncertainty, but Tuesday does look more promising at this point.

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