Paradigm Lost – A Surf Film by Kai Lenny | Official 4K Trailer

Paradigm Lost – A Surf Film by Kai Lenny | Official 4K Trailer

Posted 9-12-17


“I’m a product of my environment,” Kai Lenny told Field Editor Zander Morton in a feature profile from our “Influencers” Issue. “Maui goes from glassy to windy and small to giant so quick. So I’ll start off the day stand-up paddling, then, before it gets too windy, I’ll switch it up and paddle out for a surf. When the wind picks up, I’ll windsurf; then, if it dies a little, I’ll go out and kite. Ideally, I’ll end the day by towing, because at that point it’s nice to get a little mechanical assist.”

If it’s true Lenny’s environment helped shape him into the all-board expert he is today, it’s just as true that Lenny, incomparably so, does more than anyone right now to poke our stubborn doctrine of what wave-riding can look like. His new film, Paradigm Lost, will feature every –board prefix that Lenny has articulately advanced within the last three years and across six countries, with a star cast that includes JJF, Kelly, Julian, Albee, J.O.B, Ian Walsh, and more.

“It’s always fun finishing a movie after pouring so much time and effort into it,” Kai told us. “What I particularly loved about doing it was filming with so many talented people across the spectrum of surfing. The whole idea of the film is to capture the art of wave riding and the different disciplines you can do to get the maximum enjoyment from the ocean. Whatever the conditions are, we’re prepared to go out and charge!”

The film’s premiere is in Maui on September 22nd, at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (You can order tickets here).

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