Nazare ain’t no cake walk. Reality will settle in pretty sharpish when it jacks to XXL and you’re eyeballing a 50, 60, 100ft juggernaut. So why would you want to play a violin during that fizzing, life or death mix?

For the past 10 or-so-years, Praia do Norte local Nuno Santos has been surfing with his violin as part of his “A Violin in the Most Unlikely Places” project. Why? Well, for Santos, it’s a unique way to blend his passions. For the spectators, it’s something they may not have ever seen before. For us? Seems to fringe the line of being absolutely nuts and impressive – but raises some questions we just had to ask.

Like, why? And what’s he playing as he drops into mega Nazare? There’s no doubt Nuno’s a talented, eloquent gentleman but how did this all come about? And, as he’s just released a fresh highlight reel, we’d thought it best to check in.

Why would you want to play a violin while surfing Nazare and how did this come about? It’s an interesting idea.
The concept of the project “A Violin In The Most Unlikely Places” has always been about the challenge of playing the violin in extreme settings, such as on the highest mountains or in biggest waves around the world.

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