Major Oil Company is Exiting Santa Barbara;

Could Platform Holly Leave With It?

Platform Holly, off the Santa Barbara coast. Photo: Flickr

It made for an interesting bit of juxtaposition in my inbox. First up was a note alerting activists that Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke was showing up to a private, no press allowed talk in Santa Barbara:

“[Zinke] and Drumpf are working to open up our channel to new OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING… We can’t let Zinke come to Santa Barbara, with our history of oil spills, without making a statement of opposition. So let’s resist! We will meet on the public sidewalk in front of the Reagan Ranch Center (also known as Young America’s Foundation). Bring signs – No offshore drilling! No offshore oil! Keep public lands public! Protect endangered species! No more oil spills! Please spread the word. Hope to see you there.”

Tucked neatly against that was a press release from the office of California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, chair of the California State Lands Commission (SLC):

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