Kohl Christensen Interview

Kohl Christensen is 33; he’s been a professional surfer since he was 31, which is unusual in surfing today.  Traditionally, young surfers dreaming about going pro would do something more like this: start surfing at age 5, and for 20 more years continue a regimented routine of surf, compete, travel, until they qualify for the WCT(World Championship Tour).

Sure, Kohl Christensen grew up wanting to become a professional, but he learned early on how difficult it was to achieve that status.  Besides the surfing regimen and money, it takes connections to get you a sponsorship.  After seeing his so called “glory years” come and go, Kohl continued surfing, yet at the same time worked in the family business of construction.  Surfing in his spare time soon led to seeking big waves.

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