Ed Temperley

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An irony of the Mully scene is that as performance, progression and risk have increased, alongside a flourishing world class safety club, external sponsorship Euros have declined. Effectively leaving a proud and hard-charging blue collar crew dominating each session, one which welcomes selected visitors flush with the freedom of a nose sticker or cap deal, despite not necessarily sharing the same benefits.

And these surfers come to pay homage to Mully because it is an all-round beast of a wave. One which has put Conor Maguire on a flight to the States as a top 5 Barrel of the Year nominee at the Big Wave Awards alongside guys who dedicate their lives to racking up as many air miles as possible searching for what he has a few minutes down the road. And if Conor doesn’t do it for the cash it must mean he dances with the Mully slab out of some kind of perverse attraction to getting swatted on a regular basis. We sat down with him in front of a surprisingly full room at the Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival to find out more…

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