Thorsten Durkan Update on Athletes Be Cause Project

I just wanted to give an update regarding my latest Athletes Be Causeproject for Haiku Elementary School‘s new water fountains and reusable canteens for all the students. We raised roughly $16,000 for the project with the gracious donations of friends and family, and massive donations from Skyline Eco-Adventures and DAKINE, the latter of whom is providing the money for all the canteens through the Rob Machado Foundation. Three new water stations will be installed this summer and the students will receive their canteens the start of the 2017-18 school year in August. My biggest wave (measured at 35-40 feet) came way out of season this last Friday when only my brother Jonathan Walczak and I were the only ones out! Thanks to all for the support and keep killing it y’all, loves.

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