PNW Ocean Safety Summit Coming 2023

Dates TBA


Q: What is the purpose of a PWC ocean safety summit?

A: A PWC ocean safety summit is a meeting or conference focused on discussing safety issues related to the use of personal watercraft (PWC), such as jet skis, in the ocean. The purpose of such a summit would be to bring together experts and stakeholders to discuss and develop strategies for improving safety and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries related to the use of PWC in the ocean. This might include discussions on topics such as safe operating practices, the use of safety equipment, and ways to educate PWC users on the importance of following safety guidelines. The goal of the summit would be to find ways to make the ocean a safer place for PWC users, while also protecting the marine environment and other ocean users.

This 3-day PNW Ocean Safety Summit is for anyone who is interested in learning how to become an asset in the water as a surfer, photographer, and/or PWC operator. If you want to come to Lincoln City, OR to paddle or tow surf the reefs on the big days or shoot photos from a PWC, you will want to be part of this summit to learn everything you need to know before you go! Preparation, knowledge, and skill set will help you to become your best and more confident as an athlete, channel photographer, PWC rescue operator, and potentially, as a first responder to an incident in the lineup.

Photo: Richard Hallman

Q: How do you train to become a PWC risk technician ocean rescue & safety operator?

A: To become a PWC (personal watercraft) risk technician rescue and safety ocean operator, you will need to undergo specialized training. This may include training in rescue techniques, emergency response, and the use of personal watercraft in rescue situations. You may also need to complete courses in first aid and CPR.

Photo: Richard Hallman

Firefighter – EMT Presenter & Safety, Matt LeDoux

Q: What is the purpose of proper training for a tow-in surfer?

A: The purpose of tow-in surfing is to provide surfers with the ability to catch larger and more powerful waves that they would not be able to catch on their own. This can be especially useful for training and practicing advanced surfing techniques. In tow-in surfing, a surfboard is attached to a rope or harness that is connected to a boat or jet ski, which then pulls the surfer into the wave. This allows the surfer to gain speed and ride the wave more easily, allowing them to practice and improve their surfing skills.

Photo: Richard Hallman

Q: What type of training do you need to be a tow-in surfer?

A: To become a tow-in surfer, you would need to learn how to surf and have experience surfing in large waves. You would also need to be in good physical shape and know how to swim well. In addition, it would be helpful to have training in rescue techniques and first aid, as well as experience with the equipment and techniques used in tow-in surfing. It is also important to be aware of and follow local regulations and safety guidelines for tow-in surfing.

Photo: Richard Hallman

Q: What will this course supply?

A: 1. All PWCs and safety equipment will be provided by the summit coordinators. It is our goal that each individual involved will get ample hands-on experience to practice, train, and learn from some of the best and most experienced ocean safety specialists and PWC operators in the world.

Photo: Richard Hallman

Q: When is the next scheduled PNW Ocean Safety Summit?

A: Spring 2023 Dates (TBA) announced in January / This will be a 3-day summit held on a Friday-Sunday

Q: Who will the instructors and trainers be?

A: Archie Kalepa, Hawaii / Chuck Patterson, California / Matt LeDoux, Eric Akiskalian and Ollie Richardson, Oregon

Q: Where will the Hawaii / PNW Ocean Safety Summit be?

A: Lincoln City, OR

Depoe Bay, OR U.S.C.G. / Photo: Richard Hallman


There will be limited availability for registration and spots are given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Registration Fee: $(TBA) payment via Venmo or CashApp will be accepted. Please email; or text/call Eric at 805-443-2045 for more info, registration, and payment.

It will be cold so bring the appropriate gear and get ready for some good ole fashion dose of the wild, wild west of the PNW.

If you have two wetsuits, we strongly advise bringing them both. Hoodies, booties, and gloves are a must. If you have impact suits, and inflatable vests bring those as well and prepare to get dropped off in the impact zone for some real PNW training.

Presenters and Instructors from L-R / Chuck Patterson, Eric Akiskalian, and Ollie Richardson / Photo: Richard Hallman


Click here for: The PNW Ocean Safety Summit November 12-13, 2022

Keep the Dream Alive and Stay Stoked!

Eric Akiskalian, Summit Director

Ollie Richardson, Summit Director


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