Marcio Freire Interview 3-7-11

Marcio Freire Interview Maui’s Underground Big-Wave Charger Posted: March 7, 2011 Introduction/Bio by: Rodney ‘Handsome Bugga’ Kilborn Interview by: Eric Akiskalian/ Marcio Freire is a handsome native Brazilian who came to Hawaii 12 years ago with the intent to learn the Hawaiian Culture and surf the biggest waves he could on the outer […]

Kohl Christensen Interview 7-14-11

Kohl Christensen Interview Kohl Christensen is 33; he’s been a professional surfer since he was 31, which is unusual in surfing today.  Traditionally, young surfers dreaming about going pro would do something more like this: start surfing at age 5, and for 20 more years continue a regimented routine of surf, compete, travel, until they […]

Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker Interview 2-6-14 Like the rest of the surf world, I first met Grant “Twiggy” Baker almost exactly eight years ago. He was the Billabong sales rep from Durban who’d gotten enough votes online to snag a wildcard slot into the Maverick’s contest (“Everyone in Santa Cruz was against each other, I had […]