CHARGING LIKE CHUMBO Chumbo / Mavz / Pompermayer JUNE 22, 2017 BY ASHTYN DOUGLAS Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca, a 21-year-old Brazilian with a nickname that means “lead” in Portuguese, has begun to make a name for himself in the realm of big-wave surfing, just over the short span of a year. Right before the start […]


ONCE AND FUTURE KINGS AT AN OBSCURE SOUTH PACIFIC REEF PASS, KELLY SLATER AND JOHN FLORENCE TALK BALANCING COMPETITIVE AMBITION WITH FREESURFING PROGRESSION JUNE 15, 2017 BY SURFER For his 25th surf film, titled Proximity, Taylor Steele took four surfers who defined style, performance, and bravado for the past few decades and paired them with […]

The Inertia Interview with Ben Wilkinson

CREATORS:  The Inertia Interview with Ben Wilkinson  The Inertia June 6, 2017 Some fellas on this planet live on a physically gigantic scale. Narrabeen-native-turned-North-Shore resident, Ben Wilkinson, is one such man. While Wilkinson, intimidating in stature and gentle by nature, has earned the respect of the global big-wave surfing community for gutsy performances at waves like […]

Brazilian Romeu Bruno Interview from the 2007 Towsurfer Vault

Brazilian Romeu Bruno Interview from the 2007 Towsurfer Vault July 17, 2007 by Eric Akiskalian Romeu Bruno Age: 43 Height: 165lbs. Weight: 6´0 DOB: 03/21/64 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue From: Brazil Current Residence: Florianopolis Marital Status: Married Children: Tito, 7 years old Years Surfing: 37 years Years Kitesurfing: 4 years Years Towsurfing: 12years Certifications: “Basic […]

Ian Walsh Interview from the 2004 Towsurfer Vault

Ian Walsh Interview from the 2004 Towsurfer Vault August 22, 2004 by Eric Akiskalian Ian Walsh Age: 21 Height: 6’0″ Weight: 160lbs. DOB: 5.10.83 Hair: Blonde Eyes: yellow From: Rhode Island Current Residence: Maui, HI Years Surfing: 11 Years Towsurfing: 5 Occupation: Professional Surfer Sponsors: Billabong, Globe, Kazuma, Boost Mobile, Red Bull, Zest Surf, DaKine […]