Mavericks will become part of the WSL Big Wave Tour!

After months of delicate negotiations with the various stakeholders of the annual Mavericks surfing contest in Half Moon Bay, the WSL has confirmed that they are one step closer to adding the renowned big-wave event to their portfolio. The WSL press office released the following statement on Thursday morning.

Nic Vaughan is one of many Mavericks regulars who will be vying to make an impact should the event become a reality. WSL / ALEJANDRO BERGER

WSL, Titans of Mavericks and Cartel Management can confirm that they have reached an agreement to secure the permit to run the Mavericks event as one of the Big Wave Tour stops at Mavericks. All are very excited about this. The WSL is waiting for final approval by the judge who is overseeing the reorganization filing made earlier this year by Titans of Mavericks and Cartel Management and will provide more information as the situation progresses. Mavericks is known everywhere as one of the iconic and dramatic big wave locations in the world, and the WSL is looking forward to work with the San Mateo County Harbor District and the local community moving forward.


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