Meet South Africa’s most positive person, Chris Bertish

SurfersVillage Interview


Giant surf, giant trans-Atlantic paddling and speaking in front of strangers are some of the challenges Bertish has tackled

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, -Bertish does scary, scary things like charging giant surf, solo paddling the Atlantic and (gasp!) speaking in front of large audiences. Here’s how gnarly he is: Moments after nearly drowning, Chris Bertish charged the then-largest waves ever seen in a competition at the 2010 Maverick’s event. And won.

The well-spoken South African has also just completed a 4,500 trans Atlantic journey on a hybrid SUP, written a book and keeps busy giving motivational talks. He’s also the subject of a film titled Ocean Driven, a tale of overcoming obstacles and fears and redefining what is possible.


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