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Life Saving, Low-Profile Flotation

The Quatic Inflatable Rashguard combines the sun and skin protection of a comfortable, fashionable water shirt with Float Tech integrated flotation to help safeguard athletes, children and sports enthusiasts from the risk of drowning. Deployed orally or via a pull cord, the bladder can provide up to eight pounds of buoyancy in case of injury, fatigue, cramping, panic and/or accidental immersions. Wear the rashguard anywhere a regulation life-vest is not required yet peace of mind and increased safety are welcome. Available in child through adult sizes.

  • Quatic™ Inflatable Rashguard is a standard rashguard shirt with flexible, integrated inflatable bladder
  • Bladder inflates with “rip cord” for peace of mind against rip currents and exhaustion
  • Bladder can also be partially inflated by mouth for in water activities
  • Made for watersports such as Swimming, Surfing, Stand up Paddleboarding, Snorkeling when Life Jackets are not often worn
  • 8lbs to 13lbs of buoyancy when you need help to stay afloat
  • Latest in Water Safety
    • Color: Black - Unisex
    • Sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL

Quatic™ Inflatable Rashguard is revolutionizing the concept of safety during water sports activities. This “rashguard” when manually activated will provide flotation during water sports activities, such as: snorkeling, swimming, surfing, rowing, stand up paddleboarding and kayaking when you need it.

The unique design allows for the incorporation of a well concealed flotation device while providing the UV and body protection of a rashguard. The Quatic™ Inflatable Rashguard can inflate simply by the pull of a lanyard or oral inflation, providing over 8-13 lbs of buoyancy, something you might need if caught up in a rip current or if swimming fatigue sets in.

The patent-pending design allows the inflation chamber to provide maximum flotation characteristics for a device of its size when inflated and can be rearmed and reused.

Made of 4-way stretch Lycra, the Inflatable Rashguard provides protection from the elements during water sport activities and is uniquely designed to contain the inflation chamber ensuring that it sits snugly against your body, inflated or not. This gives the water sports enthusiast the utmost in comfort and mobility with a peace of mind.


Warranty Card (pdf)

Here’s a link to the TSA’s rules for flying with product

Look at section for “Prohibited Items” then go to link for
Explosive & Flammable Materials, Disabling Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items

Cost: $159.00 (USD) plus shipping (1 CO2 arming kit included with each rash guard sale)

Additional CO2 replacements:

12 gram 3/8" CO2 manual CO2 arming kit: $16.00 plus shipping

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