Fin Belt

Product Description

Securing your fins at your waist gives you the edge during dynamic water conditions. The Murrays Fin Belt holds fins within reach. Just unclip the quick release buckle and go. Water rescue personnel find these fin belts invaluable for surf and swift water operations. The fully adjustable belt is also a handy place to carry your knife horizontally so that it doesn’t get in the way, a feature favored by search and rescue personnel.

SKU: 11-1001

Cost $44.95 plus shipping

 Shredder SAR Fins

Product Description

Designed for water rescue and SAR swimming, these fins have a short shape for explosive thrust and exceptional maneuverability. With a large, soft foot pocket and an adjustable padded heel strap, the Shredder can be worn over water boots as well as booties. Lugs on the sole of the foot add traction when walking. An integral quick-release leash secures the fin in the roughest water. The Shredder comes only in size large, which adjusts to fit most swimmers’ boots and booties.

SKU: 11-2002
Cost: $89.95 plus shipping

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