Local Wild Card, Tyler Muth Photo: Richard Hallman


Posted 10-12-17



LINCOLN CITY, Oregon, October 10th, 2017, Due to overwhelming demand, 10 Barrel Brewing’s Nelscott Reef Pro/Am announces a new selection process for all alternates for the 2017/18 season.

Organizers have decided to take a different approach to choosing alternates for this year.  Alternates will be chosen by a public voting system, which will be open for 7 days, to mark the opening of the holding period for the big wave season in Oregon.

“There was a higher than anticipated demand for competing in this year’s Nelscott Pro/Am”, said event organizer, Gabe Smith.  “We were, and still are, getting calls daily from people that want in.  So, we decided to bring the community in to help make the decision for us, which I think is a first for the Big Wave community”.

Organizers looked at several different approaches to choose from the over 40 athletes that are vying for a chance to get into the contest, and after a suggestion from the teenage son of Safety Director, Eric Akiskalian, decided on an approach that relies strictly on community input.

Voting will be done through the event website nelscottsurf.com, and will be open for 7 days.  During that time, the athletes that collect the most likes will earn their spot on the list.  There will be 15 alternate slots that will go to the most liked athletes on the website.  Ranking will align with the total number of votes.

Voting will start at 12:01 AM on October 15th and will end 7 days later, at midnight on October 21st via the event website at nelscottsurf.com.  

In addition to the voting system, organizers are excited to announce 4 Wildcard slots.  These go to Nelscott veterans, Peter Mel and Garrett McNamara, Mavericks charger, Ben Andrews, and Oregon up and comer Tyler Muth.

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?‍♂️Men’s Event: 
?? Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker – SA
?? Kohl Christenson – HI  
?? Lucas Chumbo – BRA
?? Andrew Cotton – UK
?? Tyler Cunningham – OR
?? Collin Dwyer – CA
?? Andres Flores – DOM
?? Alex Gray – CA
?? Nick Lamb – CA
?? Kai Lenny – HI
?? Greg Long – CA
?? Kealii Mamala – HI
?? Landon McNamara – HI
?? Jamie Mitchell – AUS
?? Christopher Mumford – CA
?? Travis Payne – CA
?? Tony Perez – OR
?? Jeremy Rasmussen – OR
?? Will Skudin – NY
?? Cliff Skudin – NY
?? Jamie Sterling – HI  
?? Trevor Sven-Carlson – HI
?? Rafael Tapia – CHI
?? Hugo Vau – PORT

Locals, Tony Perez and Tyler Cunningham, solo sesh with Eric Akiskalian (Towsurfer) running safety. Photo: Matthew Marino

?‍♀️Women’s Event:      
?? Paige Alms – HI
?? Easkey Britton – IRE
?? Justine Dupont – FRA
?? Emily Erickson – HI
?? Sarah Gerdhart – CA
?? Keala Kennelly – HI
?? Andrea Moller – BRA
?? Silvia Nabuco – BRA
?? Nicole Pacelli – BRA
?? Savannah Shaughnessy – CA
?? Jamilah Star – CA
?? Bianca Valenti – CA

Wild Cards: 
?? Tyler Muth
?? Peter Mel
?? Ben Andrews
?? Garrett McNamara

2017/18 Alternate Choices:

Rick Spjut
Laird Tuel
Manuel Resano
Kevin Riddleberger
Yuri Soledad
Zac Haynes
Matthew Rott
Drake Hickman
Matt Becker
Luca Padua
Elija Crowell
Jesse Henton
Colt O’Brian
Russell Mcclanan
Tyler Conroy
Bruno Silva
Jonathan Grubbs
Brian Forcum
Jake Fishman
Matt Spencer
Nic Von Rupp
Tom Butler
Scott Bredesen
Connor Rhoads
Ryan Krouse


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Aaron Ungerleider
Paul Wetterau
Joao De Macedo
Ben Wilkinson
Francisco Porcella
Coco Nogales
Stephane Iralour
Ken Collins
Chris Crooke
JoJo Robber
Frank Solomon
Lapo Coutinho
Brennan Turner
Kieran Anderson
Conner Baxter
Luke Shepardson
Masatoshi Ohno
Takayuki Wakita
Chris Owens
Rusty Long
Anthony Tashnick
Damion Hobgood
Timmy Reyes
Ramano Navarro
Angelo Luhrsen
Johnny Leon


Women’s Alternates will be announced soon

are thankful to each of our sponsors, as they make this event possible. This year’s sponsors include;

Title Sponsor: 
10 Barrel Brewing Co. 

Presenting Sponsors:
Roby’s Furniture
Xtreme Amateur Games
Drone Age Media
Chinook Winds Casino

Supporting Sponsors:
Big Sur Bar
Stay Covered
Quatic Apparel
Inn at Lincoln City
D’Sands Motel


Participating Sponsors:
Cleanline Surf Shop
Salmon River Contractors
The Coho Waterfront Lodge
Viso Energy Drink
Bella Beach Vacations
A Vista D’Mar
Bowers Trucking Co.
Gerber Tire
Yaquina Cab Co
Coldwell Banker
Zuhg Surf Shop
Otis Collective
jki Realty
Paul LaMont Contractor
Naked Winery
Olivia Beach
Sector 9
Moment Surf Co.

Cover photo: Jamie Sterling / Matthew Marino

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