Surfer Killed By Croc In Sri Lanka

Posted 9-15-17

Stab Magazine

British journalist for the Financial Times seen “waving his hands in the air”

before being dragged under near Arugam Bay.

Today in everything in and around the ocean that wants you dead.

A 25-year-old tourist has met a horrifying demise after being taken by a pre historic predator while enjoying one of Sri Lanka’s most popular surf destinations.

Paul McClean, a British journalist for the Financial Times, reportedly separated from the rest of his pals to find a toilet when he was pulled in by a crocodile at a lagoon adjacent to Elephant Rock, near Arugam Bay.

The budding surfer was last seen “waving his hands in the air” in desperation before being dragged under, reports London publication, The Sun. The lagoon, appropriately referred as ‘Crocodile Rock’ by locals, is known to be literally “crawling” with the killing machines*.

The attack comes a year after the world couldn’t resist peeking at graphic images of a surfer locked in battle with a crocodile in Costa Rica (he literally tears the fucker’s jaws from his face).

Authorities have yet to retrieve Mr. McClean’s remains. Thoughts and well wishes go out to Paul’s friends and family.

*Trivial facts from Wikipedia: There are two different kinds of crocodile that live in Sri Lanka, the Marsh, or “mugger”, crocodile and the saltwater crocodile. The former species are known to be highly intelligent predators that wait in murky waters to ambush their prey.

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