Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker Keeping the Dream Alive

and Going XXL

“The challenge of the first attempt at a new wave has always been my favorite part of surfing big waves. Paddling off the beach, working out the lineups, catching a few waves with some friends and making it back to camp safely is what our sport is all about.” – Twiggy


Posted 9-11-17

We here at Towsurfer would like to take our hats off to our good friend Twiggy for demonstrating how one’s pursuit to what he/she loves is not only a never ending life challenge, but filled with great rewards and personal achievement after the quest. Well done mate!

It is safe to say by Towsurfer standards, you my friend have paddled into the biggest wave and towed into the biggest wave this new 2017/18 WSL Big Wave Award Season.

Photo: Nic Bothma

Not only is he an accomplished and decorated big wave junkie, but he’s an amazing husband and father. Let’s not forget to mention a business owner as well with friends all around the world that love and respect him.

We would also like to mention his work at his family’s orphanage in South Africa, truly a remarkable man with a great heart!

Way to keep the dream alive Twiggy and inspiring us all!

(C) 2017