Posted July 8, 2017
‘Thanks for the texts and msgs everyone. Glad to have some solid friends by my side today and what else can you do but laugh. Although laughing hurts like hell. ? I’m off to California tomorrow to get some more X-rays and another opinion than straight into rehab ! I’ll be back before you know it.” JM ?feeling positive with Coco Nogales at Hospital Clinica Angel Del Mar.
Not the photo I was hoping to post from Puerto Escondido. Long story short is that I’ll be fine. I fractured my sternum and thanks to everyone who helped and reached out yesterday. Special thanks to nnm.project and Coco Nogales for organizing the best doctor to look after me. Also, Greg Long and neo.pirate for the amazing smoothie and tacos while I was starving waiting to be released. I am on the way to LA today to get some more scans and X-rays and start the rehab process. Already looking forward to the next swell and surfing with all my brothas, peace out.” JM

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