The Best Big Wave Surf spots in the World

The best big wave surf spots in the world have a few things in common. They’re only suited for experienced surfers, they only break once in a while, and they can kill a rider in seconds.

Let’s put things in perspective. A 50-foot wave (15 meters) carries about 1.7 MW of power across each meter of wave front, in a 15-second period scenario.

If you’ve decided to surf the biggest wave of your life, there are few things you should know. Get the right surf gear, book a jet ski and get boat support. And pray. Then, decide if you’re paddling into the wave or if being towed-in is the best option.

The biggest waves in the world are located in all continents. With the right swell and wind conditions, you’ll be lucky if you ride four or five monstrous waves.

The best big wave spots are dangerous and in some cases, almost inaccessible without a boat or even helicopter. Carefully selecting which wave will open its face and the right moment for the take-off is compulsory. A mistake will probably cost you your life.

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