First Ever  Underwater Drone That Shoots in 4K


Nowadays, drones are everywhere you look. They buzz over lineups, catch a million stunning visuals of whales, dolphins, and sharks, and have generally turned the whole aerial photo and video industry on its head. Well, say hello to Biki. It might do the same for the whole underwater photo and video industry.

Developed by Robosea, a tech company founded by Dr. Xiong Minglei, Biki is an underwater drone that swims like a fish. It can dive down to 196 feet, films in 4K, and can be controlled via your phone or tablet. There’s also an option for a waterproof remote. The thing is smart, too–the user is able to customize a route, then let it go. It’s also got a built-in GPS that automatically returns it to base on the off-chance that you lose it in the largest, most mysterious part of the planet.

The project went up on Kickstarter a few months back, and–pun intended–made a splash. So far, it’s raised $90,000, far more than their initial goal of $20,000.

Meet Biki. The pervert's perfect accessory.

Meet Biki. The ocean going pervert’s perfect accessory.