The San Diego Surf Film Festival 2017!

May 15, 2017





Rocky Romano

Thank you Pierce Michael Kavanagh & Petra Kavanagh for all your hard work supporting filmmakers and for believing in our vision! Thank you to all the filmmakers that put their heart and souls into showcasing these incredible stories. Thank you Alexey Orlov & Gabriel Vargas for spending 65 days in Portugal capturing such an amazing story, and the entire Go Big team that worked on this film, including Eric Akiskalian, Cynthia Dieyi, Rayna Zemel, P.J. Lungren, Robert Martin, Carlos Vargas, Stan Rosario, Sean Alessi, Stefano Sanchez, Gustavo Padron, Fizi Paixão, Elijah Crowell, and Michael Hollister. Thank you Sandy Bell & Jennifer Wintersrs for being our Mom’s! Thank you to all the sponsors that helped to make this film possible, especially Mercedes-Benz. Thank you to Portugal for allowing us to share your story, and thank you to all the men and women that attempt the impossible while inspiring us all. And finally thank you to Garrett McNamara& Nicole Macias McNamara for your friendship, vision, and dedication to Big Wave surfing! #thegobigproject #redchargers #sdsff#winnerwinnerchickendinner