Meet San Diego Originals, The Dahl Family: Environmentalists, Community Activists And Global Surf Industry Leaders

Photo credit: Chad Thomas

Surf-Industry Leaders

The Dahl family is recognized world-wide for being at the forefront of wax research and application. From their “Sticky Bumps” surf wax – which actually feeds corral reefs – to non-toxic, high performance snow wax known as “Wend” Waxworks (used by the world’s best snowboarders and skiers), this family’s passion for the environment and thrilling rides is only surpassed by their humility and generosity.

John Dahl | Photo credit: Cris Dahl

Nearly 47 years ago, a San Diego man named John Baker started flirting with ways to formulate and mix wax to help surfers the world-over stick to their surf boards.

John started the company “Wax Research” which would become an umbrella company of sorts. Wax Research was created with friend and former co-worker Hylton Murphy in Encinitas in 1971 after leaving “Surf Research” – one of the first surf-accessory companies, anywhere.

John would later change his name from Baker to Dahl and his industry-changing formulas would become known as “Sticky Bumps“. His passion, not only for surfing and individual expression but to the ocean’s health, would continue to grow.

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