Kai Lenny Just Invented the Boogie Foil

The Inertia Senior Editor

The Inertia

Kai Lenny has taken the hydro foil baton and run with it. Sure, Laird Hamilton probably did it first, but he did it in snowboard boots, remember? Kai’s been breaking records on his hydrofoil, and he doesn’t care if you don’t like it. Haters going to hate, as they say.

Lenny, surfing on whatever he chooses, surfs better than 99.9% of the planet. That’s why, after ruining his ankle windsurfing, he decided he’d do something that haters are going to HATE. It’s boogie boarding and foil boarding all wrapped up in one little package. The only thing Kai could have done to piss them off more was to incorporate a paddle in there somehow.

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