Jamie Mitcho, Hugo Vau and Chris Mumford

Towsurfer Swell Report from Puerto 5-20-17

Hugo, Jamie, Chris and Trevor / Puerto Life

May 20, 2017 / Saturday
10:oo A.M. PST
Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Eric Akiskalian, hi Eric, towsurfer surf report Puerto Escondido. Not that great right now to be honest with you! LOL, Ahhh, there’s a bit of a westerly flow pattern happening with the winds here, and as you know, Puerto loves the off shore in the mornings. So, ahhh, the swell has picked up this morning. It’s probably in the 6’-8’ range, and, but you know, it’s just not really doing it for Puerto. So ahhh, and it looks like the forecast is meant to stay that way for a little bit more. A few more days maybe, Sunday, Monday we get some waves, but ahhh, for right now, we are on stand by surfing the points and hanging out. But ah, that’s about it.
Needing cold mountains, to get offshore winds in the morning. So, let’s wait for the nature.
Yewww, let’s do it! Alright, there you go, have a good day guys, from Puerto.
 “Ya boys. Thanks for the report. Good luck, and be safe! Yewww” – EA
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