Eric Akiskalian Has Lipoma Removed From Shoulder

Eric Akiskalian prepping for procedure

“In 2005 I noticed a lump in my upper right shoulder. No big deal, I had it checked in 2007 and the Dr. told me it was a normal Lipoma and it would probably get bigger if I did not remove it. As the years went on, guys what? it got bigger and bigger. Fast forward to 2017, the lipoma grew to the size of about 6cm (small orange) and was fairly deep  under the tissue. I have been experiencing stiffness in the region for a couple of years and knew it was time to get this nasty bugga out. It was an simple procedure that only took about 45 minutes. It is out and I’m glad to not have this big lump on my back anymore.” – Eric Akiskalian

Lipoma from shoulder

If you are experiencing a growth like Lipoma, have your Dr. check it out and have it removed sooner then later, cuz they can get fairly large.

Lipomas are single or multiple, benign subcutaneous tumors that are easily recognized because they are soft, rounded, or lobulated and movable against the overlying skin. Many lipomas are small but may also enlarge to 6 cm. They occur especially on the neck, trunk, and on the extremities but can occur anywhere on the body. Lipomas are composed of fat cells that have the same morphology as normal fat cells, and there is a connective tissue framework. Angiolipomas have a vascular component and may be tender in cold ambient temperature. These often require excision, whereas other lipomas should be excised only when considered disfiguring. Liposuction can also be performed when liposomas are soft and thus have only a minor connective tissue component.It was an simple procedure that only took about 45 minutes.

All good!