Culture: The Sizzling History of Filmmaker Tim Bonython

Behind the Sheer Big-Wave Guts, Tim Bonython is an Artist at Heart

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 May 2017 – Behind the sheer big-wave guts, filmmaker Tim Bonython is an artist at heart. Sure he’s in the channel on the biggest days at the world’s scariest spots delivering pure, unadulterated slab adrenaline, but his artistic approach to the world of big-wave bravado is refreshingly refined.

Recently veteran journalist Ben Horvath interviewed Mr. Bonython for The Perfect Wave Travel and gained insight into the man who is part musician, full-time filmmaker, culture lover, and father.

Not sure if you can be over passionate, but in Tim Bonython’s case, I think you can. Timmy is a mad frother who quite literally lives to shoot and document great swell events. When something substantial appears on the weather charts, Tim gets anxious to the point that if he doesn’t go, he totally loses it.

When he knows something special is brewing, he adapts a “Whatever it takes” attitude. Timmy loves life and believes he is so lucky to be doing something he loves, and that it is outdoors, interacting with nature, it is arguably the best job on the planet.

BH – You have told me how you originally hail from Adelaide Hills – your old man was big in the arts and your sis smashes it in fashion, yeah?

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