Big Wave Surfer Rafael Tapia Breaks Down Upcoming Chile Swell

May 12, 2017

Hey Rafa,  so how does this first Southern Hemi swell look for Chile? Break it down for us Brotha!

“Finally, the season is starting with a really good rhythm. Last season we only had a couple of swells. Most of them were with really bad winds or lots of fog. Now we have a double whammy coming. I am really stoked to see that the first one will have light winds and good conditions for Lobos. And then, a giant one that will light up some very unknown waves in a special place in Chile. I am very stoked that Jamie is talking about coming, and we can go surf those waves there. It is going to be pretty big, so it’s always good to have someone like Jamie with lots of experience. After that, we might head north to Peru and then to Puerto. Finally, we are getting into the right track and it’s going to be an awesome season.”- Rafael Tapia

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