Towsurfer Model Towboards

All towboards are custom ordered and shaped to fit each surfer’s specific needs. Eric Akiskalian owner of has been using and selling Towsurfer Model Towboards since 2002. His expertise with advice in specifications and designs has led to many happy customers from many different parts of the world. Over the years, Eric has developed relationships with a couple of great shapers that combined, have over 20 years experience in shaping tow-in specific towboards that have been used around the world in some of the heaviest conditions
Towsurfer Model Towboards Include:

  • Futures fin set up – thruster or quad
  • DaKine foot straps
  • All towboards are sealed with an industry recommended triple 6oz. glassed deck and bottom for extra weight and durability
  • Single foot strap inserts for either regular foot or goofy foot
  • Sand finish

Specs and Cost:

  • 5′ x 9″ or Bigger Towboard with heavy tow blank: $1,295.00 plus shipping
  • 5′ x 7″ – 5′ x 9″ Towboard with standard blank: $1,175.00 plus shipping
  • 5′ x 6″ or Smaller – Speciality Wake/Surf Towboards with a standard blank: $1,095.00 plus shipping
    (Great for recreational lake use behind PWC or Boat and small wave tow-in riding and training.)
  • Double Foiled G-10 Gerry Lopez Tow Fins (Additional Cost) Pricing and Specs Click Here
  • Add $135.00 for a glossy finish
  • Add $125.00 for double foot strap inserts to facilitate goofy foot and regular foot straps
  • Add $150.00 for Custom Towsurfer Eric Akiskalian Speed Bullet 5′ x 11″ signature model, design and logo

All custom orders are generally shipped within 3-5 weeks.

All new for 2020 / Custom Towsurfer Eric Akiskalian Signature Model 6’x0″ Towboard ‘Speed Bullet’ w/ heavy tow blank and stringer.

Below, Owner of Eric Akiskalian riding his Towsurfer Model Towboards at Nelscott Reef, South Reef, Teahupo’o, Shark Park and Ghost Tree.

For information and ordering, contact:

Eric Akiskalian / Owner
(805) 443-2045

For customer support, you may email us at:

We also accept cashier checks, checks, and wire transfers.

All qualified returns are subject to shipping and restocking fees.

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