SoCal Shark Attack Near Trestles Maims Woman Swimming

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Shark attack happens in wave-rich section of Southern California

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 April, 2017 – A woman swimming at the surf spot known as Church’s just south of Lowers was attacked by a shark of unknown origin. A few surfers were in the water and responded immediately to aid the woman who suffered sever damage to her right thigh.

She was airlifted to Scripps medical centre to the south in San Diego. There is no word on her condition. While witnesses described her condition as severe one off-duty EMT said they appeared not to be critical.

“The back of her leg was really badly bit, you know, just to the bone, from above her knee to above to her butt, it was bad,” Hunter Robinson told NBC San Diego. “It was a real bite, yeah. I’ll never forget it, ever. It was like full what you would imagine in a shark bite.”


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