PWC Rescue LifeSleds

LifeSled rescue boards are used with PWC (personal watercraft) in extreme conditions including ocean storm, surf rescue, tow-in surf, rip current, floodwater, river, swift water, ice rescue and other life-threatening situations. Lifesled PWC rescue sled is an extremely effective means of extrication.   Wahoo LifeSleds LIFESLED® comes in two sizes Dimensions Displacement Weight LS1 62″ […]

Shark Park Produced By Greg Huglin

Shark Park Produced By Greg Huglin You may have heard, Shark Park is the new, barely-ever-breaks surf spot off of San Miguel Island where a few crazed tow-in fanatics recently conquered. This DVD provides ample footage of the first attack on the break, complete with near-death wipeouts, jaw-dropping face rides, and enough water movement to […]