Order Your Personalized Signed Towsurfer Poster

by Eric Akiskalian

As the owner of Towsurfer.com, Eric has become one of the most respected and recognized names in the big wave surfing industry and community of our time.

Having been nominated a handful of times over the years in the XXL Big Wave Awards for categories such as, ‘Wipeout of the Year’ and ‘Biggest Wave’.

Eric is also an industry leader in water safety, event/film productions and international logistics.

The above poster is a shot of Eric at Shark Park on San Miguel Island in the Santa Barbara Channel Islands, taken by Greg Huglin in 2006 during a tow-in expedition. This was the biggest wave of that session and became an XXL entry for the 2006-07 season.

Order your personalized 24″ x  24″ glossy poster for yourself, a family member or friend.

Price $21.95 includes shipping anywhere in the U.S.

For information and ordering, contact:

Eric Akiskalian / Owner
(805) 443-2045

For customer support, you may email us at: customerservice@towsurfer.com

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